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The KRAB Studio was established more than 10 years ago by Katerina RABasova, who after graduating from Economics University had the feeling that the grey world of economics would not miss her presence. She had decided that she would rather spend her time doing what she truly enjoyed, so she pursued the more creative work of fashion design.

The KRAB Studio focuses mainly on clothing design and interior living extras. The creations of this studio have been realized through the use of tie-dye design accompanied by various art techniques, and therefore as a result of this combination, many unique and original works have been created. The studio makes use of natural textiles, and also incorporates the use of innovative non-traditional materials.

Over the years, growing public interest in the creations designed in the KRAB Studio has sparked the opening of KRAB galleries in the city of Prague.

KRAB customers are women of all ages, from young teenagers to mature women. The style of the KRAB studios has been favored by a number of Czech actresses such as Kveta Fialova, Nada Konvalinkova, Simona Stasova. That is not to say that the KRAB studios have forgotten the men. A clothing line has been designed specifically for men, which includes a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, smocks, overshirts and ponchos.

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